A step. Another. Hands extended to hold.

Sidestep. Step back. Unclasp hands for the twirl.

Twirl. See the smile on her face. Time the end to meet her in the hold again. Smile back at her upturned face. Place head over hers, as it rests right… there. Move serenely in the music, the two of you comfortable in the moment, in the hold, in the semi-embrace.

Feel her breathe against your chest as the music slows, the moment lingers, time barely seems to exist.

The movement has slowed to a gentle sway with music that is felt, rather than heard. Both your feet move in synchronisation, the merest of steps mirrored perfectly. You hold her, she holds you. Slower.. slower.. and for a moment the two of you aren’t moving at all. Just standing in the others arms, neither of you realising it. Eyes slowly fall shut.

Open your eyes suddenly, and realise your hands are holding… nothing.

Wish there was someone there for once. To dance the night away.

Terpischore was the Greek muse of dance.

4 thoughts on “terpsichore

  1. Hey, man, it’s good to see that you’re still around and writing. That was a pretty interesting piece, I particularly liked the way that it ended. Thanks for your comment, by the way. It’s very encouraging to see that even when I’m not having the best of times with writing, I still have people who keep an eye out for me and consider me good enough to remain a fan of when I have months of nothing!

    I hope to continue writing and frequently as I used to.

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