backward compatibility


and so, microsoft decides to kick their best product (outlook, duh!) in the balls by removing support for web standards… nice.


and this after i had pretty much decided that microsoft rocks for taking something as complete as office forward.
looks like sticking to thunderbird for the last 5 years is going to put me with having the best email client this year.

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3 thoughts on “backward compatibility

  1. Outlook – Microsoft’s best product?!! I sincerely hope you’re kidding dude 🙂

    BTW my vote for the best email client will have to go to gmail!

  2. Ever tried Lotus notes? That makes even outlook appear like the fastest thing after lighnting. Well, as far as outlook is conerned, if anyone is using outlook JUST to download and check pop3 email, they need to get their heads examined.

    As far as removing support for web standards is concerned, read closer. There has to be a better reason why.

  3. It amuses me why would Microsoft ever do such a thing – this is not only bizzare, but suddenly comes up with so many problems for marketing depts all around. A terrible decision by Microsoft I would say.


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