zune formation


following up on microsoft’s blunders recently.. this is pretty much how they must have formed the zune. funny how that player barely even existed..
makes you wonder what the fuck is wrong with them 🙂

3 thoughts on “zune formation

  1. For all the negativitiy about Zune, its actually a very good player, and will go as far as to say that its interface and sound quality, both beat iPod hands down 😀

    Microsoft has never had good 1st gen products – remember Xbox 1. And look where Xbox 360 went. Hehehe – that said, that article was hilarious. Somehow gotta love these apple fanatics LOL!


  2. Well, anything but an Ipod, or should I say Iphone? or Ishit? Coming to the point, from what I’ve seen of the Zune (yet to hear it), its pretty good.
    Sticking to the point, beats me MS should invest in a standalone mp3 player market though, irrespective of the quality of the finished product.
    And as far as devices go, have a look at the Nokia N95 or the next range of Sony Walkman phones.
    You’re talking real ‘IPod’ Killers here. We’ve talked about this before.
    There are now phones with Digital cameras and mp3 players attached.
    Very soon, if not already, we’ll have phones attached to digital cameras and mp3 players.
    The concept of a standalone mp3 player will die out, just like discmans..

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