welcome, 24


its not very often that you realise how important people are to you.. and then get overwhelmed realising how important you are to them.
and so, why they are so very important.
being in raptus is probably an understatement to describe my feelings about today. it has been more than special.. it has been one of the best ever.

i really don’t want to say more, i think its weird enough that i’ve been ecstatic this long.

there could be no better way to turn 24. except maybe realising that next year is going to be… 25.

10 thoughts on “welcome, 24

  1. pallavi

    Happy b’day bro…trust me you deserve to be treated special…love u loads…but u didnt take my b’day balloon yesterday….i still love u 🙂

  2. Vati

    Hey Satish

    Just can’t believe you’re 24!! Really growing up – but where is the photos? we are still seeing your aberdeen graduation photo!! Last year you were here at amchi Mumbai and cake was splashed across your face!! Glad you enjoyed this time too esp with USA pal payasam.

  3. Shilpa

    Well I’ve always maintained that you’re a whole lot more important to people than you’d like to think 🙂 This just proved me right 😀 The idiot who ‘forgot’ notwithstanding…

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