i’m not exactly sure why i’m not working right now.. my guess is, i’m a tad afraid of burnout. the last 2 weeks have been pretty mental from the POV of work.. and its only getting crazier from here on in.

ironically, i was planning to write about something here.. but can’t remember what it was for the life of me.
dammit, i hate it when that happens.

its all a bit of a blur to me right now. there was a point where living in the lab seemed a better option than home. a lot more work would get done, anyway. one would think that time management is the issue.. which it isn’t so much. its more a question of the time in hand being enough for the work in question.

the list of movies to be watched only grows, they are being stored now at any rate. the chances of me having the 2-odd hours for them in the near future seems remote.. even if i did spend nearly 2 hours watching the ‘justice league’ today. the last movie i watched afresh was ‘guru’, which was pretty damn good. the bachchan baby finally establishes his own footprint, in a totally different way from his fathers’. mani ratnam remains one of the best storytellers around.. if only he’d leave the masala he seems to need to cater to nowadays out of his movies. hearken back to ‘roja’.. the passion glows. unafraid to pull the punches at any point. sheer brilliance. why have a ms. sherawat in the movie ? to show us she is unafraid to belly dance ?
any one of a multitude of things could be talked about now. not one of them being the item of interest i had for this post.

a pointless post. i think i’ll end here. its already superfluous, with these words… 🙂

in other news, free coffee, and free OSes. interesting how you end up paying anyway.


One thought on “afterburn

  1. Guru was good. Sherwat was sizzling hot, and was given a role just worth her stature – exactly 2 minutes, and 31 seconds? Hehe. Mani is mani – sigh, I can’t wait for Lajjo!

    On other thoughts – dont worry, all you need is a new laptop to set your thoughts straight 😀


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