i have issues..


..with updating this to WP2.1. while there are a whole lotta fixes and improvements (such as the tabbed interface for posting, and general usability).. its screwed up the AJAX somehow. dammit. i do so love it when those ‘thingies’ appear and disappear like magic. this install is definitely waaaaay faster than previous versions too. but, now i also feel like updating the damn theme. i have kinda taken it to the next release.. but the changes are mostly cosmetic. theme-hunting, when i don’t have time to do assignments. nice.

..finding a good music library/player for managing all the damn music i’m accumulating. i’m not complaining about the music, just about the fact that WMP11 is a tad sneaky.. creating .db files and copies of the album arts all over the place. itunes kinda sucks, and winamp became bloatware after version 3.. media monkey is limited.. and suddenly we’re out of music manager softwares. crap.

..with a certain day that people seem to want to ‘celebrate’. it’s apparently in honor of love and sentiment; but somehow in all the snazzy greeting cards, and mundane outings that people seem to need to go on (and blow money).. i don’t really see the feelings implied. are we trying to prove that we are capable of love? or are we so facetious as to believe that love is something that needs to be re-affirmed in by going ballistic? UT has had posts about this in the past, and i’ve started sending out the true VD cards since last year. people don’t seem to appreciate them too much though. i wonder. as a kid, like every one else, i’ve read the stories, and wondered what it would be like to celebrate ‘v-day’ with someone truly special. remember jesse and becky on ‘full house’? it all seemed so sweet, and goddamn idealistic. but then for the 2 weeks ahead of feb the 14th, we have the ubiquitous ads at every nook and cranny telling you ‘you should be doing something for your beloved’. and the remaining 364 days of the year we’ll go back to the platonic relationship, because goddamit, v-day is the best time to let loose all those feelings of love you’ve kept pent up for the last 364 days. oh joy.

..with the fact that i’ve barely earned anything from google ads here. blech.

that is all.


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