rishte mein hum tumhare baap lagte hain


a few weeks ago, ‘guru’ proved that the bachchan baby, was in fact a damned good actor in his own right. it was the kind of performance that you see very rarely.. and abhishek seemed to have proved that he was indeed an actor who deserved to be seen beyond being his father’s son. not that he hadn’t already shown this, but this was the stamp of credential that few ever get. few, if any, title characters actually ever carry off a movie. case in point – mangal pandey, asoka, satya, omkara.

and now, one of the year’s best films has come. the son has competition from his father. funny. few actors are coming close to competing here.

from the opening shots dissolving to the queen dying in her bed, to the final moments, including 2 minutes of sheer darkness.. ‘eklavya’ carries off the classic intrigue-drama combination. superbly. at one point in the movie, i was wondering at exactly what the director was planning to do with his setup.. it seemed remarkably bereft of possibility. but mr. chopra knows his art. strings are left trailing, gathered almost remarkably. and no scene is without that hallmark touch you look for in his films.. the sheer blending of all the arts. i would fault the ending a bit, but on the other hand, it suffers from the same problem as ‘guru’ – how do you resolve the setup ? there really is very little else that could have been done. occasionally, ‘eklavya’ is more the stage-play than a movie… these are but nit-pickings though. the haunting shots, the depiction of the monster within all of us, the 600 camels charging across the screen as you sit enthralled searching just as eklavya does.. its all there.

amitabh brings eklavya to a different level – even if he doesn’t have to speak for the first 20 minutes of the movie.. his silence literally speaks. none of the remaining cast can be faulted – jackie shroff, boman irani, saif.. the list spans the page. and there is a reason that they are there – few others could have pulled off those roles.

brilliant. one hundred minutes beyond any other.

after all, ‘rishte mein woh tere baap lagte hain’.


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