a celebration


every child dreams of seeing his parents ecstatic. and its even better when you’ve been instrumental in making that happen.

my biggest regret since i came to the states, was the fact that it meant missing my parents’ 25th wedding anniversary. considering i couldn’t actually be there for the wedding, it would have been pretty rocking to really make it memorable.

i couldn’t be there. there was just no way. damned high pressure grad school. [trust me, this would have played out slightly differently if i had been there :)]

i tried. got people convinced. sowed germs of ideas, and watched as the occasion became what it should be – a celebration that 2 people deserved. granted, i’m biased – they are my parents. but they deserved to have a day where they could look back and say – ‘there. everyone celebrated the fact that we are together. its all been worth it.’

it happened last november, and i heard stories of the fun they had. of how people loved the place, the party, the memories incited… of how amazing it all was. and i missed it. which sucked. but they had it. the day which should be grand, was just as grand as they could never imagine.

once again, due to circumstance, i could only watch it now. my mom looking divine, my dad looking grand. everyone around them happy, wishing them, celebrating with them. the spark that makes them ‘tick’ – the so-called magic – something i’d noticed a long time ago, was very apparent. everything i was told about.. i watched it all unfold. i laughed to see them so happy.

when it comes to our parents, i’ve noticed that they remain in a hallowed circle of parenthood. akin to sainthood. its easy for us today to talk of love, of life, of so many things; like we know all about it. and yet, they’re right there; showing us as it all should be.
i remember my mom being right there when my dad fell very seriously ill, rooting for him, finding every single avenue of treatment. eventually, underneath all the mundane daily activities, her worry was apparent; his reliance was well-founded. and whatever it may be, my mom knows my dad’s there keeping her stable. i know how much of a rock these two have been for so many in my family.. its everything i’ve read about life, love, and so much much more.


there was this one point during the whole gathering, where everyone came down to where they were: dancing, laughing, having fun… and that was it.
just what i was looking for.

a celebration.

a grand couple. and a grand celebration.

love you, mom and dad. i’m so happy for you.


6 thoughts on “a celebration

  1. appa&amma

    Hey = thanks a lot for all that bouquets, Satish. You forgot to mention how how you WERE PRESENT virtually thru technology!! Here is a WARM HUG from both of US Satish and we ALL miss you very much but that is life. We have a high confidence in both you and Warshhh.

  2. Beautiful post. I missed my parents 25th anniversary too. Hell, they missed each other as well 😦 – they were in different continents on that day. But yes, beautiful post here – the sentiments just came out so perfectly! Hope they have more more such splendid parties ahead!!


  3. Megha

    Guess what!!??? I’m in the same boat this Nov!! Your post has got me thinking too… maybe ill run away home sometime after Oct 😀

  4. Warshhhh

    What can I say except that I missed you, more than i ever have, on that day…You’re the one person I really wished to be able to have seen it happen right there..to complete the picture…hope we (organisers) lived up to your expectations..and hey, chin up, there’s the 50th wedding anniversary..right? 🙂

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