in the middle of all the work..


Suyog is making me do this..

Three things that scare me :

1. Being alone. In every way.
2. My possible lack of ability.
|3. Losing control.

Three people who make me laugh :

1. Guru.
2. Seinfeld.
3. Any B-grade ‘hero’.

Three things I love :

1. Literature in any form.
2. Techstuff.
3. Spending time with friends/family.

Three things I hate :

1. Loneliness.
2. Stupidity.
3. Falling sick.

Three things I don’t understand :

1. Why life has to keep reminding us it sucks.
2. Why life doesn’t actually suck, but we feel it does.
3. Why it was decided that understanding things was neccessary.

Three things on my desk :

1. Random assortment of scribbled-upon papers.
2. Two unwashed coffee cups, and their coffee maker.
3. A lot of tech papers, that I’m supposed to have read by now.

Three things I am doing right now :

1. Filling up this weird ‘3 things’ thing.
2. Chatting.
3. Waiting for the computations to finish. Can’t leave until then. Damn.

Three things I want to do before I die :

1. Do road trips in India, the US, and Europe.
2. Make a difference to the planet, somehow.
3. Be good.

Three things I can do :

1. Rant.
2. Go with the flow, and keep a cool head.
3. Be a kid.

Three things you should listen to :

1. A.R.Rahman.
2. Various talents in my family singing.
3. Silence.

Three things you should never listen to :

1. Me singing.
2. Himesh Reshammiya.
3. The voices in my head 😛

Three things I would like to learn :

1. So many languages properly – starting with Tamil 🙂
2. Performable music.
3. To be able to do what I say.

Three favorite foods :

1. Dosa – chutney.
2. Gujju food.
3. Vengai Sambar – Aloo karakari.

Three beverages I drink regularly :

1. Iced tea.
2. Coffee -with cream and sugar.
3. Tea -in any form.

Three TV shows/Books I watched/read as a kid even now :

1. The Pretender.
2. R.K.Narayan/Enid Blyton.
3. Indrajal Comics.

Three people I tag :

Whomsoever is interested, is hereby tagged. Hopefully, at least three of you will read this. And maybe one of you might decide to do it.


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