the lines we draw


drawing lines, making boundaries or just putting up walls ? how is it you differentiate between them all ? the borders are fuzzy enough for you to randomly cross over from one position to the other.

it is so very easy for any of us to believe that some lines are flexible. we’d like to think that we can see things from other people’s point of view. that we think about what we say. that we know where we’ve broken the unwritten rules of social behaviour.
in truth, we don’t. we like to think we do, though. and that little belief system keeps us in our utopian world.

the smallest of things can have the weirdest of effects. thinking about it now, its the small things, the minutae; that so easily twist the world around us.
believing that we are finding our boundaries, we proceed to set up fences; closeting ourselves, trying to “protect”a psyche that is fragile enough to be shaken at a single word. that can be cracked by one action.
and so, we erect barriers against that. nothing comes in, but conversely, nothing can go out either.

and so, we cut ourselves off from people. one way, or another, its a catch-22. you’d need to draw a line at drawing lines. which is pretty ironic.

do we put up fences to keep things out ? or to keep them in ?

6 thoughts on “the lines we draw

  1. Absolutely true…We only kid ourselves into believing that we’re “good” people. While in reality we actually lack the sensitivity to realize what might hurt someone and what might not…

    Raising barriers doesn’t help, but it isn’t exactly a bad thing for you.. You might get to learn a thing or two by closeting yourself within… 🙂

  2. i think you need to learn to keep that wall open maybe a couple of feet from the top so you can take a peek at the outside world once in a while and vice-versa…or you can sit inside and eventually rot and die..from lack of oxygen or you see, what you really need is protection from protecting yourself too much 🙂
    ur right though about drawing lines…its a convenient belief system subject to individual interpretation..we make the rules and we change them as and when we like..whatever makes us look good in the eyes of others, forgetting that the most important thing is to look good in your own..coz that’s the only way you’ll truly look good in the eyes of others.

    confused? so am i..

  3. Kanchan

    So true. But we also need to remeber that we have gates in those fences..we just need to make more use of them!

  4. No….I don’t think you need a gate! Admittedly, there are few people who really know you well but I’m sure you open up to them and I think it’s enough that you let only one or two people in. No point wearing your heart on your sleeve, which you don’t.. And I really admire you for that..

    Sorry Warsha/Kanchan if I seemed to contradict you guys! 😉

    Warsha, I’m Ramya.. In case he hasn’t told you about me, Satish lives in my house… 😀 He’s our pseudo roomie….

  5. Yes, so I’ve heard…good to know that atleast you’re there too feed him all the southie food 🙂 Well, what i meant by that gate…was to leave the key to that gate under the doormat once in while for a certain set of privileged ppl (like me :D)…coz he doesnt respond to polite knocking .. :P…don’t worry, no offense taken…im just trying to get his attention thats all…and see, he’s still completely inert to this random discussion..or maybe he isnt? hmmm…

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