a few good links


the lack of options for watching the world cup live.. has meant i’ve to rely on esoteric means such as 3D cricinfo. please, tell me if you know of any such free options..
incidentally, the worst place to check the progress of the damned thing – and indulge in the discussions that we all have to have as to whether possibly the worst indian team to hit the world cup is going to win – is the official site. CRAPPY. and not even updated. nice.

and then, we have 3D photography. one of the things coming out of live labs. photosynth is a tech preview beyond any other.

and ai.. at a whole new level. 20q does a pretty decent job of playing ’20 questions’. for any object/person. a little freaky.

and then we have google trends. and the random sets of searches that you can generate.

[there are some others lying around here. expect updates.. hopefully..]


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