mandatory orkut rant


it has been a while since i went off on a loop about the crappy forwards that people seem to keep want sending on orkut. somehow the method of copy-paste & send message to ‘all’ has some kind of weird attraction for so many people out there. why, indeed, they want to broadcast stupidity.. is a little beyond me.

the latest from orkut:

Because u have read this.. u will get kissed on the nearest possible friday by the LOVE of ur life if u don’t break the chain. tomorrow will be the best day of ur life. However, if u don’t send this to at least 10 people by the stroke of midnight tonight u will be forever cursed in LOVE.

and of course:

Finally,its out…its your ORKUT CRUSH LIST FINDER.Download here and send it to everybody before midnite or something bad will happen to your near ones. [insert probable virus download link]

before, i do start on my raving about the monumental stupidity of the above emails, not to mention the obviously irritating structure and punctuation.. i’m going to take a minute. and offer a prayer that the reproductive systems of these people shut down at such time as appropriate. i could not imagine these genes spreading… and becoming dominant. a worthy nightmare.

i still remember picturing when i read the first email… walking down the street/corridor, and suddenly the person you’ve been secretly admiring for months – never mind the obvious problems such as them being rich, famous, inaccessible, married, way above your league, way below your league – turn up right there in front of you. and kiss you. right there and then. and you, mentally bless the day you forwarded that email to everyone you know. because, obviously, there is no other way you could have got it “made”. my only question, was ‘why friday ?’ sunday is too relaxed ? tuesday is too-middle-of-the-week ?
the thought comes to me that ’10’ seems to have a relation to the possibility of a curse. i wonder why. isn’t ‘6’ something to do with the devil ? and ’13’ unlucky ? somehow, the mutual curses of 10 people (or in my case at least 1), will offset the curse that could potentially befall you ?
email count: over 30.

the ‘crush list finder’.. well, i’ve analysed the various forms of the crush list. i’m just curious about what kind of virus it is. and of course, how many people remembered they’re giving their email account and password to some random software. and what it did. and who the genius was that came up with it. plus of course the meaning of the answer of ’42’.

which i’ll remain wondering about…


2 thoughts on “mandatory orkut rant

  1. “could not imagine these genes spreading… ”

    Very nicely put … trouble is, these fellows don’t even understand if you send a sarcastic reply or get irritated if you send a flaming one. God help em and those lucky enough to be their ‘friends’

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