ubuntu, my love


i have seen more than one post about the brilliance of ubuntu – the linux revolution.. and then of course, the geek in me was blown away by the multitude of videos showcasing beryl and xgl.

and so,


plus of course,


thus exists one of my workstations. it is a matter of time, methinks, before i need it on my laptop.
aero can go suck ass.. triple their effects and you get to about the basics of beryl.

as far as ubuntu itself goes, i’ve used version 3 last. version 6.10 is pretty damned awesome as a step up. simple setup, easy updates, a little googling to get the right setup for beryl, and voila !

even taking into account that i’m a little more fearless than the standard end-user of windows.. ubuntu certainly seems to be on the right path to be a competitor.

simply put, wow. the windows install on this pc might languish a while..

kubuntu, though, needs a lot of work. even if kde is way cooler than gnome.

and i’m now a vi supporter.

too many thoughts, too many things, too much fun. i’m off again.


2 thoughts on “ubuntu, my love

  1. I have been someone who swore by SuSE for years now. It was and will continue to remain my first love. But yes, I’ve slowly grown to like Ubuntu as well, especially the latest Feisty Fawn..
    Have seen Beryl at work too. Pretty damn impressive! But I guess another one of those things.. play for a while and move on!

  2. Just installed Ubuntu – needless to say I loved it. I think I will stay with Vista for now though. I love playing around with Linux, but ultimately i get work “done” on Windows. Sigh 😦


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