no time to stand and stare

Standard time at all.

the experiment on the virtuoso who was ignored at the dc station [from the freakonomics blog], as he played some of the most beautiful music composed – having heard Le Violon rouge, i know the brilliance of that artiste – on an instrument truly a work of art itself, proves one thing alone. in our running, our haste to find the next thing to do.. those few minutes at a subway station listening to those artistes.. could be an experience you may never be able to get. ever.

each time i’ve missed a train listening to the ‘subway artistes’, whether in the UK or here, in new york.. i’ve never regretted it. the only thing i have regretted is the fact that i may never get to hear them again.

stop and listen. could it really be so hard ?


4 thoughts on “no time to stand and stare

  1. Warshhhh

    Underground music – biggest attraction for me at london..i can never forget the guy with the weird extra large flute and the guy who played the tabla…man what i would give to have some good underground music here…(and ofcourse underground railways to start with)

  2. So true!! I used to take the train and bus in D.C area till I got my car. Now my drive is just lonely with a stupid RJ or a CD conking on my heads. And to think there was so much to life in those trains and buses I took. And yes, the music.

    Brought back some memories.


  3. Kanchan

    Funnily enough, i’m reminded of Bombay trains and their musicians -the rag-tag bunch which uses what instruments it can find. Can’t say they make music, but it’s something you miss when you don’t hear it. And the best part is, you don’t miss any trains coz they are in the trains. 😀

  4. One of the reasons I love traveling in public transit in NYC–unending entertainment, even in train and subway stations. Bombay-esque.

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