the powers that be


He looked about him in wide-eyed wonder. It was very unlike his normal environs; so unlike, that to use the term “different” would be very hackneyed, not to mention inadequate. He tried pinching himself to see if he was in a dream. He found he couldn’t. He didn’t feel the pinch at all. ‘That’s it, I am dreaming’, was his first thought. Succeeded very soon by the second one – ‘but it’s all so topsy turvy’. The object he stood on was a bright blue in colour, looked very liquidy, and yet he was standing on top of it.

It was interesting about this thing he was standing on. On first glance, it seemed almost… unstable. ‘I wonder..’, he thought, and bent down to look closer.

Seconds later, he was inside it. Turned out it was unstable, moreso on prodding. Oh well. He was all wet anyway.
And now, he was going deeper into it, without doing anything at all. Sinking. Like the feeling in the pit of his stomach, which told him he was in big trouble indeed.

Not a good start at all.

‘You really think this is the only way he can learn ?’
‘Learn ? He should be knowing by now.’
‘Given that he’s completely clueless about where he is, or what he’s doing.. that’s a tad redundant to say.’
‘He has powers, he knows it. And no better way of figuring it without having a use for it. He’s not going to get any epiphanies walking down the street the way he does. Piffle.’
‘Piffle to you too. You’re going to be the death of him.’

It was incidental that he was wet now. Given his current state, being wet was the least of his worries. There were bigger, larger problems at hand here. Such as how he was going to get back down onto the ground from 200 feet above it. It can be a bit of quandary. Especially when you have no idea how you got there in the first place. He had been inside this blue thing, which had first been below him… and now he was 200 feet above it. Pretty frustrating for someone who had been plonked down in this place out of nowhere. And had fallen through what he was standing within seconds of standing on it. And now… hadn’t he already thought about this ?

‘I told you.’
‘You said nothing. The poor thing has no clue.’
‘The next one, we do my way.’

Walking and running are apparently the wrong ways to get around in the air. The idea was to.. glide. He had no idea why these other… things flapped their ‘arms’ so. Pretty strange arms too. Way larger than his. He decided to glide closer to ‘down’. In that general direction, anyway. Point downwards. No. Lean downwards. Better. He was getting back down. It was no longer blue though. More like brown.

He smashed headfirst into the Earth.

‘I told you.’
‘Well, if he had to be stupid as to slam into bedrock, he deserves it.’
‘Oh, go play in traffic. Now, we do it my way.’
‘Which is ?’

Martha Kent had no idea what the sound had been. If she had known better, she would have called it a sonic boom caused by a UFO entering the Earth’s atmosphere. As it was, she had gone in the direction of the flames. And now she had a son.

Clark Joseph Kent.

‘I told you.’
‘What about the other guy ? He was invincible too.’
‘Other guy ? He was ?’

Italicized passage Kanchan’s inception.
Thanks babe 🙂 Almost a muse, you are 😛


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