changing faces and places


as many who i send album invites to know, i barely ever take photos of myself when it comes to photography.. its more the surroundings, and possibly, the people around me. which can be a bit of an issue when it comes to parents (strictly mine at this stage :P) who want to see me 😀

[album removed]

given this tendency, these were a few of the pics that caught the eye.. when i was organizing the 6 gig of photos i’ve accumulated over the years. i’ve tried to restrict to purely skyline/shoreline photos.. i’m looking at evolving to the changing faces of me. joy !anyway, enjoy. if you must.


3 thoughts on “changing faces and places

  1. Ramya

    I like you better with long hair, I think…..

    I like the album set.. Bit Narcissistic but then I guess even you deserve some self indulgence/exposure once in a while…..

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