a mini-movie update


the term finally ended.. a long awaited end for me. it was a pretty hectic semester.. and though i couldn’t kick butt the way i wanted to.. it wasn’t due to lack of trying. and the satisfaction of having learnt something at the end of it all still stays with me.

as a celebration, a plethora of movies were always on the cards.

tara rum pum‘ is simply the worst of hindi cinema today – all wrapped up in 3 hours of mind-numbing nonsense. from opening scenes where for some reason NASCAR crowds cheer just the one single driver.. to anything going for actual NASCAR racing, including bumping your opponent and blowing him up. plus of course the unforgettable sight of a yellow cab supposedly being driven through the center of manhattan at 120 mph, and one of the truly great phrases ever -‘..o my brother from another mother.. ‘ enough said, i think. siddharth anand joins kunal kohli on a hitlist i composed a long time ago.

spider-man 3‘ proves wrong the belief that you can’t muck up a great anthology of movies by keeping the creators/actors the same. for all that raimi did to make spidey 2 better than the first one in many ways.. he finds a billion ways (maybe one for every dollar he spent ?) to forget all of that. he has his hero running around unmasked for half the movie, even with long range digicams aimed his way all the time. someone seems to have gotten confused with superman there. plus of course, changing back stories when you have everything set up to follow the comic mythos perfectly. and all the goddamn drama and dialogue – so much of it so unnecessary. it may seem to be cribbing, fanboyish even – but when you’re releasing a movie called ‘spider-man’… maybe you should have elements of it outside of just the costume. however, worth the watch for some superlative effects. the formation of sandman has to be seen to be believed. not a spider-man movie, just a summer movie. which just sucks.

hot fuzz‘ is one of the best movies to be released in a long time. the perfect balance between comedy and action, between spoof and parody.. while distinctly maintaining the inspiration for making the movie. the finale is worth every penny. point to note – ‘from the guys who watched every action movie ever made’.. the enjoyment is proportional to seeing how close you fit that description 🙂

sadly, ‘grindhouse‘ seems to have left the theatres without me watching it. the lack of company kills.

another update.. and hopefully a post i’ve been delaying for some time will come soon too. pray.


3 thoughts on “a mini-movie update

  1. Ramya

    So, my plans for tara-rum-pum-pum go out the window.. Ah crap!

    Btw, Metro sucks too… Not that bad but not brilliant… Loud and not-so-slick….

    Also, the long-awaited post… Is it “the one”? 😛

  2. Well anything out of Yashraj stable is bound to be crap by default 😀

    Spidey was just plain disappointing – it was like watching a bad episode of Kyonki Saas…


  3. Warshhhh

    yeah i agree with all the above reviews on spidey 3…major disappointment…i actually like spidey…anyway flicks to look forward to: shrek 3, pirates of the carribean 3, die hard 4, ocean’s 13, shootout at lokhandwala…my first month of college looks really really good…:D

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