the lack of a lesson learnt


2 planes. 2 skyscrapers. collapse. ruin. destruction.

the true horror of the incident was indelibly re-etched. i’ve seen how the plane was hijacked all due to the carelessness of america. they were lax, and they paid. but the price paid, was far beyond any cost. the sheer terror of 2 planes destroying an american icon, the panic, the fear, the chaos, the destruction – these are things that were horrifying. at the same time, the number of conspiracy theories that have made the rounds have diluted that memory.

watching the crash again, watching the terror that it inspired, watching the bravery of people just wanting toe help inspite of their world literally falling to pieces around them.. such is something that reminds you there is more to everything than just what we tend to focus on. and the fact that those 2 men survived that day is testament to why terror can never truly have any real result.

sadly, america didn’t learn. repaying terror with terror has only led to a near second vietnam.

After watching ‘World Trade Center.’


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