a new world ?


In which a day was a year and a year was a day. So that seasons changed soon. It was spring in the morning, rain at night and snow in between. But this made him start thinking: did the beings inhabiting this place call it a day or a year? Did they have birthdays every day? Now, that would be fun indeed. Cake to eat all day long; no, wait, that would make it all year long. Hmmm.. Granny always said eating cake all the time made you fall ill. Was that what these beings were? Ill? Was that why there was no one around? Or had they given up the unequal fight of trying to stay on a planet which revolved and rotated so fast and followed its own crazy orbit a long time ago, and fallen off its surface? Wow, that would be fun. He decided he would try to peer over the rim of the planet and see how many fallen bodies littered the space around. He tried taking one step and found himself shaking all over, arms and legs doing a tango of their own in wildly different directions.
What was that sound? Surely they didn’t have
that in this perfect world!

Incidental to all this was the fact the peering over the rim of this planet wasn’t going to be easy. From what he could see, the rim was far. Really far. And that sound was getting closer. He should probably be looking for someone celebrating birthdays. Or even multiple people celebrating multiple birthdays. Lots of cake. Cake, was after all, key. Grandmothers are known to be overly protective. If they would eat cake more often, they’d probably never fall ‘old’.

He looked up.

Was going to be ‘in between’ soon. Snow came suddenly to these parts. And struck hard and cruelly. Uh-oh. That white humongous thing seemed to be headed down his way. Better find…



Time to start digging. Up. That sound seemed to have disappeared. Snow does that to you. Relieves you of doing the tango as well, apparently. Weird damned planet. Rotation, revolution, tango and snow. And that sound as well.

For some unknown reason the words ‘Hi ho! Hi ho! HihoHihoHiho! Hi ho, Hi ho, It’s home from work we go..’ appeared unbidden in his head. He couldn’t very well sing, breathing was a little bit of a bother under snow. Stupid song. Where in the world had that come from ?

That and that were pretty tormenting. And all this digging. Would it never end ?

Interestingly, he’d never thought in italics and bold before. Formatting for thoughts was a new one.

It took a few hours. A few, because, he’d never thought of metrics before. He needed some good terms. ‘asd,asf,sda…’. No. Not really. Years and days were interchangeable, thanks to his definitions. Leastaways on a planet where a day and a year followed the same timeline. It was raining, but from the looks of it, it would be spring soon. Which wasn’t necessarily as good as it sounded. He still needed metrics. It would have to wait. Time to look over the edge. Time to get to the edge. ‘Hi ho! Hi ho! HihoHihoHiho!..’ Ah crap. Not that song again.

Walk.. walkety, walkety walk..

To be continued. Once again, italicized passage, Kanchan’s inception. The best I could do. I’m not happy.


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