june was an interesting month, more than one thing needed replacing by the end of it.

my beautiful alienware m5500 was struck down – by my own hand – that too, in the prime of its health. today, it languishes as a desktop, while i work on its successor: the HP dv2500t. which i finally received, no thanks to hp’s sucky customer service. to top it all off, they’re located in malad. when i finally blew my top, things started happening. upside: a classy config, and a media center remote. downside: vista. i’ll live, but i’m worried about all the drm talk that surrounds microsoft’s latest little baby. how much i’m going to be affected will decide on whether i go back to XP SP2.

my beautiful nissan altima was smashed up – also by my own hand. i am demoted to carless. hopefully, though, that will be corrected.

my beautiful life (i know, i must be kidding) has been made a function of work. hopefully, i will learn to restructure my day correctly. getting to the lab at 1pm is eventually going to come back and kick me, i know it.

my beautiful marie has posted a new meme. yay.

my beautiful.. wait for july to end now.


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