interface renewed


for the last 5 days, i’ve been on the ‘new’ microsoft interface. one simple comparison:

newie.jpg oldie.JPG

newexplorer.jpg oldexplorer.JPG

newoffice.jpg oldoffice.JPG

having followed the classic menus of ‘File’, ‘Edit’,’View’ over all their interfaces for the last 12 years, microsoft went ahead and completely revamped their interface. those buttons are hidden away, far from the human eye.

sleekness is one thing, i wonder which genius decided that those menus detracted from the UI…


4 thoughts on “interface renewed

  1. U would be interested in knowing that Microsoft spent nearly 2 billion dollars to research and come up with the look and feel of Vista.

    Yes, they couldn’t simply admit that they copied OS X. And yeah, he was a genius who hid those menu bars – for whatever freaking reason!

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