mera naam jacob


why does this write-up sound suspiciously like an adapted ‘mera naam joker’ ?

See, Elephants is about the life of Jacob Jankowski — a man who spent most of his life in the circus. The book is told from him in his nineties, rotting away in a nursing home. When he was 21, and about to take exams at Cornell to become a vet, his parents died in a car crash. When he finds out that they were broke, and that they mortgaged everything to pay for his tuition, he can’t complete his tests and runs off to join a crappy, second-string circus. Far from a life of glitter and wonder, he deals with abused animals, a circus leader with a penchant for violence and other craziness. And, just to make life more difficult, Jankowski falls for the wife of the circus’ crazy animal trainer.

i misremember the parents part, but yeah raju ran away, fell for a buncha girls, and spent a sad life taking care of the circus. hollywood seems to be running out of ideas, their last blockbuster could have been made for 1/10th of the budget in india.

ah well.


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