harry potter and the end of an era


its finally done. harry potter 7 is out. 72 million copies have been sold in 72 hours, including nearly 150 copies a second in the first hour of release.

i still remember my mom plonking down books 1-4 all the way back in 2000. ’twas when ‘the goblet of fire’ was released, and i plunged into the world of wizards, witches and magic. for a kid who has long tried to levitate playing cards having seen kered do it in the strips, this was a bit of a dream. my sis and i launched into a reading competition, to which there was an obvious winner.

the world was beautifully detailed, something i recognized as being a gift of tolkein. and now that the series is done, i can say that it contained something more too, the additional element of the jigsaw puzzle. and dollops of my beloved sense of english humor.
mind you, no real comparison can be done to tolkein though: similar worlds, but the approach and the audience are very different.

i did not anticipate book 5 and 6 like everyone. there was no pre-ordering for me. get the books within the first week seemed good enough. then of course, a 2 year wait for the seventh ensured much more on my part.

one very obvious point i realized within 30 pages of the book is that ‘this is a book‘. to me the sixth was a glorified screenplay. the work and effort in this book are obvious from the word go. this has been in the making since book one. most importantly, this was probably part of the sixth book before she realized she had put too much into it (or maybe it was the publisher). and so we had an average sixth with choppy writing, obvious screenplay notions etcetera. and now the seventh. in all its grandeur. and completely worth it.

the series is finally over. the fifth and sixth undoubtedly had some very heavy-heart moments, but this one – this one had shock and sorrow unmatched. i had to re-read some passages to let them sink in completely.

i’m sad.
but now i’m trying to figure a way to read all 7 together. for the sake of some very memorable characters. and some great page-turning.

after all, it always about finding that little bit of magic.


3 thoughts on “harry potter and the end of an era

  1. Warshhhh

    i wish she hadnt done tht part in the end though…she could’ve had a chance to write in the future then if she felt nostalgic or whatever…should’ve left it open-ended.. but otherwise an excellent finale to the series…the second half caught up really well..

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