til death do us part


‘Romeo O Romeo…’ formed the beginning of one of the most eloquent passages in English literature. Sadly, the world would never know his own thoughts. She was after all the reason this had happened to him. The rapidly spreading splotch of blood, the weak knees, the dizziness, the fact that he was lolling on the floor… that he was near death.

All he had to do was tell her. And she wasn’t here. Classic clichés never fail you when you need them the most. Or even when you don’t need them. Desperation. He had been willing to go the rest of his life without her ever appearing in his sight. And now he needed to see her. One last time. Words, thoughts, emotions, his mind – they would finally have the outlet he needed. The solution was pointless now, but could have been so much more. Everything could have been so much more.

Most men would have called him crazy. Too predictable. There was no reason for anyone to think this way, to have pushed themselves to the point he had. His breath quickened. He didn’t have much time left. Lolling on the floor, awaiting the inevitable, the only thought he had was her. Her hair, raven black, cascading down. It caught your eye, and even before you can follow it, her eyes would glance at you. Twinkling, gleaming, a deep black hole with a winking light in the distance… holding the expression of one who knew how much fun it would be to knock you off your guard right then. She had smiled at him even then, the first time; a smile that revealed far more than she knew. It had never been too wide, nor just the barest of upturning of the corners of the lips… it had been perfect. Like so much else about her. The dancing earrings, the slender neck… a twinge, a heartbeat skipped.

Yonder in the haze that was settling over his eyes, he could see her. She was coming towards him: small smile, raven hair, dazzling eyes and all. He wanted to reach out… pushing himself off the wall, reaching out, stretching… stretching… and falling flat on his face. He tried to roll back up, and only managed to get half way when her eyes arrested him again… but soulless, depthless… the twinkle lost in the dark depths.

All he wanted to say was her name. Time was running out. He opened his mouth….


3 thoughts on “til death do us part

  1. Warshhhh

    This blog really needs to be publicised on a larger scale…it deserves to be read by anyone on the face of earth who can. maybe i’m being melodramatic…but it’s fact. you’re too good for just this..and i’m sure people could do with some genuine, well-written, thought-provoking works (even if they’re not all essay-sized). Anyone with me?

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