the first of many


as of 2 days ago, it  has been a year since i came to the USA.

it isn’t the first time i’ve been away from home… or even the first for going abroad. in some ways, i was pretty sure that life was going to be a tad similar to the bachelor’s life i’ve been leading for the last two years.

it has been anything but.

so many things have happened over the last one year, and in so many ways, i could also say so many things that i have seen before have happened. i would prefer to focus on the novel, which may not be so very novel after all. some of my famed cynicism has been sadly lost, or maybe so much of my cynicism has been laid dormant. life is not an endless litany of frustration anymore, or even a constant quest ‘to solve the problem of these long winter evenings’.

cynically speaking, i know that i don’t really have the subject matter here to reminisce about.. those posts are getting a little bit predictable from me. the whole description of all the fun i’ve had, the people i’ve met, random mentions of incidents that make one smile.. and conclude on the happy note.

i’d rather leave with a thought: its been the first of many more to come.

3 thoughts on “the first of many

  1. kanchan

    Sounds a lot like my ‘anniversary’ post last year. 🙂 And hey, i didnt realise its already one year since you came to the US……..time flies, i guess.
    So, congrats; i think. 🙂

  2. Ramya

    It doesn’t matter what has happened during this one year, good or bad… What really matters is whether you’re happy that you came, whether you have a sense of having achieved something, a feeling of your purpose being fulfilled.. If the answer to all that is yes, then you’ve had a fruitful year indeed. 🙂

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