remember, remember


i remember walking down my street, across the road, around the garden, taking a random exit, turning, still walking, reaching the highway, finding my way across it, and walking along it all the way to the nearest signal.

by the end of that walk, i had decided that i could never work in an industry, live the 9-to-5 life, develop softwares that need no design, do an MBA, sit and manage people who were writing code for ‘development’. it would be an easy option, would need next to no effort, and i would earn a lot of money in the process. i would eventually retire as a VP or maybe even higher up earning possible 7 figure salaries, and never know where my potential really lie.

all those years ago, i had reached this decision, and then turned back home. i walked back all the way, past the signals, across the roads, round the garden, and down my street. by the time i had reached home, i had decided that i was going to bust my ass in research. even if my record worked well against me for such pursuits.

it has been a while. i have had more than my fair share of rejects. i took up a masters to get the requisite background in biomedical engineering. i nearly went for a second masters. i tried to do research and studies, and surprised myself in how much i enjoyed it. all to ensure i would be able to do a doctorate eventually.

now, i am.

i finally am.


5 thoughts on “remember, remember

  1. Alok

    Dude It has been two years since I started to think whether I should do research or join the industry and I am still unsure….. So Its really great that you could decide it over a short walk and are happy with that decision.
    I envy you 🙂

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