bobble bubble bobble


i watched as the bubble detached itself from nothingness, and floated off into the space above me. watching it drift along, awaiting the point when it would explode. which would be all too soon, a tad disappointing, but very expected.

it didn’t.

i watched it float on, narrowly miss the light fixture and then hold a path to the nearest wall. the end was near. i nearly turned back to what i was doing, when the light caught the silvery surface. a momentary sheen; the bubble passed out of the range of the lamp, but it had my attention. i started following its aimless drifting, joined by my friend.

it seemed determined to demonstrate resilience rarely seen in its species. wondrously, it weaved, bobbed and drifted in some crazy current of air… protected by some force that prevented it coming in contact with the wall. barely visible at some points, it drifted centimeters from the wall, eventually deciding to dip downwards… lower.. lower.. until finally it seemed collision was inevitable.

not yet. not yet.

barely visible itself, it floated along some invisible path. it had to explore every possible region it could in an all too short life. we missed it at some point, only to find we were nearly to be destroyers. jumping away, carefully ensuring nothing would obstruct it… we watched it zoom towards a nearby counter and then duck away. it seemed unsure whether to go above or below… then chose the latter route, dipping and rising almost heart-stoppingly.

we were now three people enthralled by the travails of a little bubble of air compressed in a thin soap membrane. pointing, exclaiming, wondering, following. on our knees, crawling under the counter, toddling behind it. it could not be possible that it would keep on… but it did.
flashback: to when, as a kid, i would jump and reach for every bubble blown out of the little pipe. a little later: i was blowing the bubbles, laughing as my sister screamed to get them. and today: the three of us following a sole bubble, hoping it would not disappear like so many in the past.

all at once, it hit the ground. an instance of sheen in the light, and it disappeared. just like that. my friends got up, i then realized how much we had been rooting for it. a quick silence, and i got up as well.

like so much else we want, we do, we desire; we can but hope: just a while longer.. don’t burst… just don’t burst.


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