writing overdose, and loving it


after a long time, a very long time… i’m writing enough to be thinking about it all the time.

bar some randomly creative moments that don’t happen too often nowadays, my writing has gone for a slide. sure, i write here, but real creative writing – where you force yourself to think, to flesh out ideas, to write them out and see how good they can be – has gone for a toss in my life.

something i’m not happy about, but not something i was able to do too much about. even creativity requires discipline, which i have a hard enough time applying to in work.

come nanowrimo, and i see the point. just the experience of writing close to 2000 words everyday; trying to be creative, non-repetitive, maintain a coherent line of thought, flesh out ideas… is making me think creatively all the time. after a very, very, very long time.

something i’ve missed, something i wish i could do more often.

the novel is taking vague shape in my own mind now, just the push to write it is enough for now. eventually, i may or may not hit the golden 50,000 – though i’m definitely not giving it up without a fight. it’s not completely impossible.

and i can only hope i manage to give shape to ideas.

excerpts are updated on my nanowrimo every other day accompanying a word-count update. eventually, the actual novel – after editing, rewriting and so much more – will be put up here. you’ve all been warned.
but that’s for december.

right now i need to get cracking on the next 1700.


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