colour me wonder


colour me black, colour me white…
…never thought colours would be so right.

somehow, i have always thought of myself as the fella who would appreciate black and white over colour.

it is me after all. i love the ancient black and white movies. a year ago, one of the best films of the year for me was ‘good night and good luck‘. ‘casablanca’, ’12 angry men’, ‘chalti ka naam gaadi’… these are movies that can never be recreated in colour for me; the shadow is a character all on its own.

recently, when i started populating my flickr album, a simple observation kept coming back to me.

colour, of all things, was one of the focal points of my photos.

in every one of my photos, it was the sheer colour that made me frame that particular shot. even when editing them, i found that the colour is what attracted me to the photo the most. i have a certain amount of love for depth of field (DOF), but the one theme that hit me the most from the point of view of analyzing my own photography was the colour content.

whether it was noticing the variation in the newspaper boxes, or just the leaves in the yard next to my house; or maybe even just the confetti littering the streets; colours had cried out for my attention. i wanted to capture the small things that we miss everyday, and more lovingly, i wanted the colours that we miss on a daily basis to be the highlight.

i would never have thought it. sometimes, we surprise ourselves without even knowing it.

Mere colour, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways.” – Oscar Wilde


9 thoughts on “colour me wonder

  1. I like color pictures anyways, black-and-white seems pretentious somehow, as if the photographer thought that he could throw away the color – I hate it when I make random judgments like this 😦

  2. Sol

    I like black and white for some things and color for others. Black and white can add an odd touch of elegance. Color gives things.. life.

  3. Warshhhh

    You amaze me more and more everyday…i never realized how brilliant you were at this…lovely….am really proud of you!

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