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rambo, with the final words: “live for nothing. or die for something.” seems bloody enough, seems brutal enough, to carry on the legacy that is rambo. given that stallone gave a class finale to rocky… one can just hope that a finale to rambo doesn’t end up as a movie that should have been called live free, part one.marine-drive.JPG

memories of dubai linger on, 14 years after I’ve left it. given that i’m going to pass through the airport in december, i look forward to a reunion of sorts. however, it must also be said, that when i have $25 mil lying around, i’m retiring there 🙂
after all, living in one of the great man-made cities of the world will be something else completely. upto the point that they’re creating their own land. and snow. and everything.

i should probably get around to doing marie’s meme. i have actually been tagged for once.

from a recent mail from my dad, some pictures made me realise just how much i miss bombay, i miss home. it never really hit me how much this trip home means to me. its the longest i’ve been away from home, from family, from bombay, from vada pav, from chembur, from VT… from so much.

that said, roaming bombay won’t be the same.


its a short trip, and many of the things i want to do will be difficult. bombay has changed so much, i have changed. i know i want to take a lot of pictures. i have the time to try and capture the bombay i know, the bombay i love.

screw dubai. no matter dubailand, no matter the palm islands, no matter ‘downtown dubai’. there is a certain something in hanging out at chembur station with vada pav and chai, watching people go by, laughing with friends, the dust, the traffic, the smell of bombay, the feel of bombay… that dubai can never ever have.


5 thoughts on “upcoming and ongoing..

  1. You should keep some targets for yourself. Atleast one vada pav per day. One other street food every day. Create a list of restaurants, you should visit all of them. Some focus will help you enjoy your trip to Bombay!! Of course, you will still feel like crap when you come back!

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