another one goes by


this time, of course, celebrating the new year seems to be less important, and the fact that i’m home kinda kicks it in the balls.

the highlight of the year was actually officially knowing that my dream of a phd is turning into a part of my reality. that a goal i decided on a long time ago is finally getting done. knowing you are on a path to fulfill a childhood dream has a specialness all to itself. this is, of course, second to the dream wherein i wanted to be six feet tall at some point in my life (which i succeeded in as well).

the lowlight of the year was the destruction of my car, my laptop and, less importantly, all semblance of a life. quick on the heels of this came the realization that the first of any possession has an emotion associated with it, that cannot be easily replaced. however, the life factor is made up for due to the reason it ceases to exist.
the fact remains that i still sit in a driver’s seat today and can visualize that one moment.

now, i sit back, and think up the plans i have for the year ahead. there are too many, and there is too much i have to do. life is quickly starting to speed up, getting a move on would be a good idea.

it would also be a good idea to have a happy new year. whatever you may be going through, its good to remember that a new year is around the corner. its good to celebrate it. however you end up celebrating it.

its still a new year.

whatever that is supposed to mean.


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