playing cricket in australia is impossible


how the fuck is india supposed to win with umpires who refer decisions to the captain of the opposing team? in exact sequence: delivery is nicked by batsman, balls hits ground before entering fielders hand (who is, incidentally, ponting clarke), who then grounds the ball while catching it. the appeal is referred to the umpire. who then asks ponting whether it was out.
who obviously agreed it was, and hence another indian wicket fell. of course, this had to be the wicket of ganguly, who had barely set a foot wrong since he had walked out in the middle.

jesus fucking christ.

then of course, dravid’s pad is nicked… the appeal seems doubtful, but is given out anyway.

chanderpaul made a very true statement in saying australia probably gets most doubtful decisions in their favour. add to these three decisions the decisions in favour of australia through the remaining innings.. and one wonders whether the match was the umpires vs. india, or australia vs. india.

india didn’t help matters though, with sickly fielding, and very very uninspired batting. the indian attitude is summarized by ishan sharma. who should be lauded. the final wicket, 7 deliveries to go, it’s obvious australia will appeal for every delivery. first ball up, huge appeal, celebration, the umpire is unmoved… and ishan sharma walks.
thats right. he walked. he has no idea which end of the bat he’s holding… and he walked.

winning in australia is hard as is, india is not performing in a manner that points towards winning either, the umpires have pretty much managed to make this less a match, and more a farce.

and we have last men who walk.

cricket? gah.


3 thoughts on “playing cricket in australia is impossible

  1. john

    In view of the farse in the second test match and ugly cricket played by the austrialians, Indian board should pull back their team from australia and severe all cricketing realtionships with theam. Australians must be banned from playing cricket for next two years in all international level by ICC. Austrilians should not be allowed to bring the glorious game of cricke to any more disrepute. They must be taught moral lessons and righteousness and asked to do public service like public toilet cleaning. Also umpires should be criminally procecuted and later publically executed.

  2. PS

    who then asks ponting whether it was out.
    who obviously agreed it was,

    In fact Ponting asked Michael Clarke if he took the catch before he told Benson.. LOL

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