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soundarya rajnikanth believes

Animation abroad is considered as important as live action. For example, Shrek and Mission Impossible were appreciated and welcomed there. But this is not the case in India. I told myself, why don’t I make one? Someone has to take the initiative and do it.

m:i is animation ! i knew tom cruise was acting weird with the whole acting bit. then of course,

Appa is God to me. He is known for his style, mannerisms and gimmicks. If he could do so much in live action, imagine what he could do with animation? The sky is the limit. In Sultan too he does a lot of gimmicks.

hence, sultan: the warrior, written by rajnikanth, based on troy and gladiator, will go berserk at the box office.

according to this, the next adi-srk film to hit the marquee will have

The female lead will be a newcomer, to be chosen by a talent hunt competition

prepare for the madness, india. especially in terms of SMSes. here’s an idea. the first person to send 20000 SMSes to the pre-verified number(at rs. 5 an SMS only) shall be awarded the part.. by dint of having financed the film.

in fact, that sounds like an awesome idea for a film financing scheme 2000 SMSes in exchange for you appearing in the film for your requisite 2 minutes of fame. c’mon people. lets make this happen. all your dreams can come true !


2 thoughts on “in other news

  1. kanchan

    Hehehe…brilliant idea. Ofcourse, the lead in the movie will have a thumb bandaged to larger-than-life proportions a la Tom and Jerry. And there you have your requisite animation too 😉

  2. I wonder why Rajnikanth needs to do an animation film when all his movies are just that! I mean why add an extra layer?!

    I am so awaiting SRK-Adi film. What will be this titled? “Main Mohobattein mein Kuch Kuch Kho gaya?”

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