Pehli saans
Mere din ki pehli dhoop
Chaand ki pehli kiran

walking down the street, the twilight barely lighting your way, you don’t notice. the harsh shadow of the streetlight seemingly bars your way, but such considerations barely affect you. the wind bites, you barely huddle up in your coat. lost in thought, you don’t notice the autumn leaves half buried in frost, the last leaves on the trees surviving the cold, the frozen dew… you feel much lonelier than that last leaf, that last drop.

Pehla geet
Baarish ki pehli boond
Tum sheeth ki pehli kampan…

you make your way to the coffee shop nearby. the necessary beverage in hand, you sit there.. blankly looking at the paper you brought. the people around you appear to be in hypertime, for a moment you feel like a character on a tv show… the world zooming on around you as you sit there alone. couples talk, people talk on cellphones, old men pore over newspapers together, there is a mom with her kid who can’t decide between ice-cream and milkshakes… and finally ends up getting the ice-cream milkshake. you dawdle, not trying to look at a door whenever you hear it opening. at long last you give up, and spend a moment looking out the door pane trying to see into the distance.

Pehli saans
Phoolon ki tum khushboo
Pehli jeet tum pehli haar…

the coffee is getting finished, but you are spending longer watching the world of the coffee shop. it takes your mind off the wait, the fact that you have an empty chair opposite, the thought that you have been looking forward to this more than you will ever let on. you try to imagine the reaction, the face, the stance, the clothes, her.

Saanson mein jo mere kwaabon mein jo… woh ho tum….

something tells you to look up, to face the door, to stop playing with the straws on your table. the door opens, and everything is just as you thought it would be from a moment ago. her clothes, her stance, her searching look, her smile…

she’s here.

Raaton mein jo meri baaton mein jo….woh ho tum….woh ho tum…….

Tum – Euphoria


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