camera one


Closed the curtain, unplugged the clock
Hung his clothes on the shower rod
But he never got undressed
And no, he never made a mess

watching. waiting. looking away. sipping the water in front of you. looking back. waiting. ever so slightly leaning forward. seem to listen intently. waiting. look down. note the sheen on your shoes. rest your forehead against your elbow on the table. feel the dryness in your mouth. look up. reach for the water. wait. sip. feel the trickle of water go down a throat that is too, too dry. swallow. eyes never move from in front you.

Sits and watches the sea fold in
And wonders what might have been
If she could ever have the chance
Would she do it all again?

your brain starts playing the scene to unfold. soon, very soon. unbidden, images flash. words flash, fade, move, rearrange. your mouth moves in rehearsed motions. it is robotic now, a motion that occupies the moments that are to come soon. very soon. you have dual vision – the real life in front of you somehow overlaid with the future. every minute, every second weighs in on you. you glance at the watch unbidden. it is an empty gesture, the time moves no slower and no faster. very soon. it will be time. words hang in the air, unspoken. you want to do something, pace, walk, shake in fear, shake in excitement. you want the moment to pass, you want to relish the moment. meanwhile the future continues to unfold. you feel the end of the “vision” coming. very soon. it will be over. and it hasn’t even begun yet. you have no idea what will happen when it will be over. something might go wrong. nothing can go wrong. very soon. you will know.

It’s funny how life turns out
The odds of faith in the face of doubt
Camera One closes in
The soundtrack starts
The scene begins

the “future” is over. the past begins. you remember. the nights. the days. the chances. the lack of chances. the time is coming. you will know. has it been worth it ? it has to be worth it. nothing can be worth this. something snaps your attention back to the present, the future is soon to be the present. nothing further distracts you. a sudden wetness in your palms. you can see the people who know you, who believe in you… and at the very end, you can see yourself. in that long list, somewhere, somehow, you have added yourself. another sound, it is the end of the present. the future will begin soon. you get up. a hushed good luck wish follows you. you wait in the aisle, nothing can change what is going to happen, you know what is to be done next.

You’re playing you now
You’re playing you now

your name comes. you walk to the podium. you focus on the screen in front of you. then you turn to the audience in front of you and begin to talk. its finally time.

Take a bow
Take a bow


Josh Joplin Group – Camera One


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