firefox will always kick ass !


based on the release notes for the latest beta of firefox, all i can say is: wow. i’m blown away, and then some. how something like IE8 even hopes to compete, i don’t know. safari is always a boo-hoo, and opera, i’m sorry to say can’t really measure up in terms of compatibility.

the question will soon be: how did people browse the net before firefox ?

meanwhile, i skirt dangerously on the border of killing myself for the next deadline. however, i know that this is the reason i’m doing any of this in the first place. i’m loving every minute of it.


4 thoughts on “firefox will always kick ass !

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  2. So.. what you are saying is that I really need to upgrade my firefox? Is this for Windows or Mac? Comparing it to IE.. it must be Windows.

    I hope you are well.

  3. Navin

    Hmm… Yeah.. firefox really kicks ass.. No second thoughts on that. No wonder we are addicted to it. But i think you cannot really keep Opera on the backfoot. That browser is fast as crazy… both with launching the application itself and the sites too. Where it lacks i think is the unusual interface (once you turn some wierd setting OFF from a wierd right-click menu (or something like that).. you’ll spend a good amount of time to find out the place to turn it ON.. and at the end of the day you may not find it!!)

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