9 days ago..


..i last posted. i shall not apologize, i shall not rant about my lack of posting, those things are passe around here.

i should be forgiven, dear reader, i wait on my parents as they trip around north america just for my sake. i do love being coddled at 25 🙂

i shall heretofore proceed to california, and not post for another week. there is a single fly in that soup though, but i cannot remove it 😦

meanwhile, tashan and bhoothnath, starring the so called glitterati of the bollywood industry, do far far worse than jimmy, a film heralding the entry of mimoh.

i have to see jimmy. even before i see tashan. now.


5 thoughts on “9 days ago..

  1. kanchan

    Oh. Didnt know your family’s here already. Have fun.
    And please oh please, don’t see Tashan. If you really want to see a badly directed, “super-imposed” movie with no story, no acting, no substance (i am not referring to Kareena btw), see any other hundrum movie floating around. This one’s even worse!

  2. I think you should see Tashan .. for its “superior” fx and stunts, for its “superior” fashionistas, and above all, a brilliant new dialect from anil kapppor ..

    having said that, any idea where to get my hands on a copy of Jimmy .. having seen more than 60-70% of movies Mithun has ever made (i havent seen mrigaya tho 🙂 .. this should say smething about the kind of movies i’ve had the fortune of watching) i oought to see how his young un fares and if he lives up to his father’s hype ..

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