some of the things that have struck me recently. and none of them via the many blogs i read 😛

a 20 year research experiment on evolution has yielded its first results. a lot of analysis remains, but some truly shattering ideas have been formed as a results.

an interesting analysis of the tata nano and its repurcussions for a growing india. [via shiladitya]

wired has a bunch of articles on a recent ruling in the 1st ever P2P distribution case to come to court wherein the judge decided that no actual true proof of distribution of copyrighted content is required to prove guilt. this plaintiff had the genuis idea of using a consistent online identity everywhere including on kazaa. there are counterarguments, but it is to be noted that the off-chance of unauthorized distribution and making whole-sale copies for unauthorized distribution are essentially the same ‘crime’ for the MPAA, and should be classified together. one of my favorite cases is the one where the RIAA downloaded illegal songs from a guy to prove intent of unauthorized distribution, and are now facing an appeal as this means they implicitly authorized the download 😀

as a side note i wonder why wired has a poll on whether mccain should learn to use a computer ? i further wonder why such a guy is being encouraged to lead the US. then i realize that the US is always, always going to be the zenith for stupidity.

to round it up, a highly inventive video: [via digg]

Big Ideas (don’t get any) from James Houston on Vimeo


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