literarily mine


based off certain people doing every single tag on the planet, i had to get one. she’s lucky its a literary tag, because, as we all know, i don’t have the time to do such things.

please, no drum roll. its my pleasure to bore you and insult you… all at the same time.

fatty, susie, dick kirrin, darrell rivers: name an enid blyton character i haven’t read about. these were probably my stand-out favourites… from fatty being the absolute genius that i wish i could be, to darrell being the normal freakshow that i have always related to. susie and dick are thrown in to remind myself of two teams of detectives that i still dig.

sherlock holmes: this was probably the character/book that woke me up to the world outside enid blyton. i started with a single book bought during a UK trip, to owning multiple original facsimile editions of his stories. has always been the god of detective fiction as i have known it, and ‘the final problem’, remains to this day one of the most moving stories i have ever read. every single detail, every single method he uses seems so… perfect.

marvin the robot: 1 sentence sums it up. “The first ten million years were the worst, and the second ten million years, they were the worst too. The third ten million I didn’t enjoy at all. After that I went into a bit of a decline.
big surprise.

gandalf: its a lord of the rings thing. i have to admire the scope. i have to admire the character that comes back, and proceeds to kick serious butt. but most of all, i have to admire the character that can do anything on the planet, but spends time bursting fireworks.

peter parker: i’m a spidey fan, sue me. no matter that the dark knight is a much more kick ass character. but then spidey, in addition to those amazing super-powers, an aunt who can never die, and the ability to beat the odds even though life sucks all the time has… [drum roll]… an unbelievably hot wife.

tom sawyer: the perennial boy. he pretty much does everything, breaks the rules, has adventures, and still saves the day. and gets the girl. cocksure kid attitude at its best.

samuel vimes: the man is about grit, doggedness, and a frustration with the world that rivals marvin. he does everything possible to get the job done, and then complains that everyone recognizes it. no thank you. i don’t like compliments either.

jason bourne: long before matt damon rediscovered cool and went up against the cia, this was the most complex character i had found. ludlum never really exposited his character, and that only lent to the man who knew how to “break it down” without thinking, but didn’t know his own name. also one of the few character that grew with the books, and actually aged. bringing in a whole new level of development.

sam mccready: one of the first forsyth characters i read, and still revere, regardless of claude lebel. consistently flipping off the establishment, and a sense of humour that i love. the attitude is encapsulated in “4 weeks later, Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. Sam heard the news on the radio, and decided to change his bait.”

milo minderbinder: contract with US to build base. contract mission from germans to blow up US bases. build guns and aircraft for defense and attack during the mission. so milo’s guns fire at milo’s aircraft which are attempting to destroy milo’s bases. and everyone has a share.

hermione granger: 2 reasons. one, she’s a kickass character, even if rowling doesn’t give her due worth towards the end. she knows everything for everything. two, she’s played by the increasingly-beautiful-as-she-grows-up-no-i’m-not-a-paedophile emma watson.

paul atreides: the original dune has a charm and skill about it that is unmatched. mostly because paul explores the world with us. and doesn’t lapse into lsd or blindness. he’s a real person, and one you can empathize with at any level.

wally: hates work. hates thinking about work. loves coffee. has methods to do no work for him. ensures everyone around him realizes what no work is. unbelievably rooted in real life.

dusty miller: maccleans signature character was a mallory, but miller is what truly fleshes him out. he’s the guy with the smart-aleck quip as well as the ability to actually save the day. twice. in two books.

joe pearson: the image of dr. pearson standing under the “no smoking” sign and lighting up a cigar is unforgettable. he raves and rants, he resents the coming of a new age in the hospital; but at the end of it all, he manages to make the final diagnosis.

psmith: his sheer sang-froid when confronted with a mob in the first of his adventures, and eventual lack of involvement in the fight tells you everything. it is necessary to be diplomatic and resourceful in such a manner.

tristan farnon: the fact that he calls herriot up at 2 am as an old farmer unsure of what happened to his sheep, after 4 hours of pain is enough. he is a god.

3 thoughts on “literarily mine

  1. kanchan

    I so knew Holmes, Marvin, bourne and paul atreides would star in this list.
    Hey, I totally forgot Joe Pearson! That book was my 1st Arthur Hailey, and I totally loved it.
    I vaguely remember dick kirrin and darrell rivers.. who are they ? *sheepish grin*

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