i watched them.

the boy stretched out his hands, barely able to reach what was being held out to him. his tiny fingers grabbed onto the older mans’ hands and tugged down to be able to see better. a wizened face crinkled as the boy managed to get things into view. gnarled hands were searched by tiny fingers for a gap, for a single opening… wrinkled fingers were selectively pulled at to test the strength of the grip. the smile widened as the boy found a finger that seemed possible. more height was needed, and so little feet clambered onto larger, older ones while an aged back strained to bend down and show the boy what he wanted. pull.. pull.. a finger came free from an age-old grip, and the little face shone with delight as he watched knotted hands unravel a seemingly impossible formation while he held onto a single finger, a fore-finger. yells of delight as the boy jumped, and then tugged down again. the aged body could take no more, so he sat down.. and watched the little one struggle to put hands and fingers into an impossible formation. weathered eyes shone with delight as the boy presented his ‘puzzle’. very carefully, the wrong finger was chosen, to further yells. the old man sat back, beaming with joy as the young boy ran circles around him proclaiming victory. all at once, he reached out and encircled him in a hug the kid couldn’t wait to get out of. even as the kid ran away the man looked up to see me. and smiled. a smile that i see too, too rarely nowadays.

the smile of a grandfather playing with his grandson.

smei = root of the word ‘smile’


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