the laptop gods hate me


a year and 60 days after my warranty expires, the nvidia 8400GM graphics card on my hp laptop has fried. no matter that i have pointed out to HP more than once that the laptop does get pretty warm, and i have been using a  cooling pad/table since. no matter that graphics cards should only get fried if i really abuse them. no matter that hp’s solution to all problems is to have me send it to them, so that they can do nothing at all. maybe i should have done it earlier. maybe i should have lived without a computer for 15 days while finally tell me i need to use a cooling pad. the support team was pretty nice though, and very helpful. i am just pissed at the quality of the laptop build. $1250 for this ?

what does matter is that this laptop has been pretty jinxed from the word ‘go’. i wonder if this is a hint to move to a super-powered desktop. maybe this one. or, even better, this one.

i sad 😦


7 thoughts on “the laptop gods hate me

  1. Galadriel

    maybe a brilliant award to you will cheer you up? pick it up over at my blog. i’m sure you will like it, you’ve got the most coverage on there!

  2. kanchan

    No they don’t. I am darn sure you must have done something.

    Sorry, I was just being mean to you…. 😀

    Is the sit. any better now?

  3. Been on a super powered desktop since a while now, suggest you should do that too 🙂

    The N82 more than suffices for my mobile computing needs.(Plus, it takes photos too).
    I live in Mumbai anyway, so unless my work machine is a laptop, I don’t see lugging a lappy along in the future.

    My Toshiba Satellite is gathering dust at home. Thinking of donating it..

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