oh, you love me.. you really love me!


once upon a time, long long ago, in blogland… a misguided soul was misguided enough (obviously) to appreciate other souls who, well.., blogged.

because this is what is done in blogland. you blog.

now the misguidance of our aforementioned soul was true misguidance. it wasn’t guidance under a false name, false address and fake social security number. this is was real, hardcore, full-blown misguidance. (note: that most of those adjectives have ulterior meaning has not escaped my attention. the reason will follow soon.)

and so, as is to be expected, the bloglanders (not bloggers, you poor misguided unfortunate souls)… well one of them anyway was jerk enough to ignore the appreciation. and ignore the ensuing sacrilegious booing that followed. he was a jerk. such people do not deserve awards, or even appreciation.

even when it comes as a result of misguidance.

however, people can change. even in blogland. this bloglander was shown the error of his ways. suffice to say it did not involve unspeakable things to do with transformers, electronics, and other… toys. it did not involve cream and jell-o and other… items. there was some beating around the bush (figuratively, not literally), some turning of the tables (again, figuratively) and some possibly undoable actions involving… blogging.

*shudder* (note whether in pain or in pleasure is left out due to a discerning audience)

the error has been seen. the light has shone down, and angels have sung.

i shall officially accept galadriel‘s brilliante weblog premio award (awarded to me roughly a month ago). i understand that acceptance construes bestowing it ahead on another 7 of my ilk.*

this is not easy. i am not sure that 7 people exist who (a) follow this blog regularly, and (b) have not previously received it (y’see, it would be nice to have others see the light), and (c) it involves some amount of my appreciating others. i have seen the light, yes… but this step actually involves coming into the light.

the actual award(ing) function shall hence happen in a second post. it means i get to drag this out a bit more; clearly, a month is too short a timespan. and of course, if there are people who believe they should receive it (you and you don’t count.. not because you haven’t received it, but because i am still a little bit of a jerk), by all means, leave a comment. it means i will get another comment for my blog posts. score.

*and since it is galadriel, the usage of the above adjectives can be understood. if not, see here. and here. and here. and… you get the idea now, right? no? how dumb are you? i refuse to have anything more to do with you. go on, get off my blog. click the close button on top. dum dum, navigate away from here now! i can’t be seen with you on my page. go away.**
**no, actually, wait. please wait. please please. you are actually reading my blog. don’t go. please. i will give you an award. right now. a BWPA. its awesome. you get to post about it and everything. its brilliante. its an award. you’re not dumb. you’re brilliante. me, i’m just a jerk. what do i know? don’t listen to me. leave a comment. have an award. don’t leave. please?

oh, and before i forget, thank you, galadriel. very much. see ? i’ve improved even more.

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