becoming the king of the world


there are many ways in which one says they’re the king of the world. reaching a world record. winning a world tournament. reaching a world no.1 spot. and many other things that have ‘world’ in the title. watching 2 men hunched over their arcade machines in the back of a garage somewhere.. attempting to hit a record score, is something in itself.

i have never been a great gamer. i game, but not to levels of perfection, not as a very good one. there are 2 types of gamers: the casual uninterested, aka average gamers. and those who know intuitively when the next monster will attack you. or the next disaster will hit your civilization. aka, the great gamers. me, i need to replay levels over and over.. and i eventually figure out what comes where. i have replayed battles 7 times over, in an attempt to get through it perfectly. and even then on the 8th time will screw up completely. ‘max payne’ is great that way, you can enjoy the different variations of slow motion more everytime. ‘far cry’ is not, the enemy is too smart to repeat itself 🙂
meanwhile, my friend has finished both ‘half-life’ and ‘half-life 2’ in that time.

why game? aren’t games for kids? that depends. kids can game, but can only game well once they hit a stage where they can obsess about it. they need to feel the pain when the guy dies by sniper on that fatal screen of the game. they need to feel the blood when the guy manages to overcome seemingly impossible odds and beat 20 guys off. they need to feel desperation when the next health kit is 2 seconds away, but the guns do not stop firing. kids think its fun. gamers think its life. there’s a difference.

i have a psp and a laptop for gaming. i necessarily check out both sections at gamestop. they are different levels of gaming, ideally, i should have given up PC gaming. but its not like that. PC gaming is where it began for me. the first time i played wolf 3D and managed to strafe thru to the 5th level. the first time i managed to achieve the impossible target of a released bomb and the bomber in paratrooper. the first time i won a match in hard mode in PC cricket. the first time i managed to see a finish screen in half-life. these are epochal times in memory. PSP gaming is more about the fun. somehow, not having to manage 30 different combinations seems to remove the challenge.

i can still boast about how many versions of cricket i own/play. every single one released, mostly. allan border, graham gooch, brian lara, kapil dev – versions of low level PC cricket that took a particular ball outside offstump to be bowled out. brian lara cricket, international cricket captain, cricket ’97,’98,’99,’00 (world cup),’01,’02,’03’,’04,’07… they never really managed to capture the game in any of them very well. the key combos got more and more weird, the gameplay captured one type of essence, but not the other. i had fun playing them though. not so much when you realize that you have to play with a generic indian called ‘tendeha’, but still. its an obsession.

regardless of the platform though, reaching the end of a game is awesome. its a level of accomplishment. it feels great. you’re on top of the world.

and then you start the next game.

3 thoughts on “becoming the king of the world

  1. I don’t necessarily know how I found myself here, but it’s good to see that you’re still writing. The look of this blog has changed much since I last saw it. Hope things are going well for you there.

    And with that, I think I shall go play Mariokart on the Wii for a bit. 😉

  2. Shiladitya

    now THIS redeems my need to search for the best graphics card I can afford which will bring back to life my PC for gaming

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