random random random random random random


So, even though I was going to steal this tag via marie [who’s blog has “died”, btw], i actually managed to get tagged for once – this time by webkittyn. the tag has changed pretty drastically in the year or so that i have been sitting on it: its now six random things, instead of seven. woo!

The Rules:

1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on the blog.
3. Write six random things about yourself.
4. Tag six people at the end of your post.
5. Let each person know they have been tagged.
6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

wokay, since i love writing so much about myself and my feelings about everything, this should be easy.

1. i have a completely organized digital comic collection, ordered by publisher, series as well as year, when necessary (this especially applies to my spider-man collection). i have scoured wikipedia, cbr, and many many other random sites in an effort to make it as complete as possible.
no, i’m not insane, thankyouverymuch.

[ok, that one was easy. everyone knows how much i read comics, and now i can convince them that i really am insane about comics. my library membership record currently only shows comics being checked out. oh wait, that one was not meant to be said. funny i should say all this and lament saying it, when all i need to do is to delete the offending lines. ah, well. onward!]

2. i tend to watch tv serials obsessively, once i manage to latch onto something interesting. currently medical stuff seems to occupy the board exclusively: scrubs and house.

[that one doesn’t seem interesting enough to put up here. but then its meant to be random. suck it up, dear reader.]

3. i have (with a friend) examined every election “map” since 1789 (on both wikipedia and google). based on the last 30 years, you could actually say that texas is a swing state. and some elections make you feel like the opposing candidate would have wanted to kill himself after the election. i mean its more than a majority, the guy just steamrolled the opposition.

[i’m really not insane. i did not look up all past and present political parties that have existed in the US. and i know everything about indian politics. not.]

4. even if i lament the existence of rom-coms, i end up watching them anyway. for e.g.: fever pitch, sleepless in seattle, 27 dresses…

[don’t you dare call me a sissy in the comments. or a pansy. or anything even vaguely effeminate. i watch every one of them to deride them. even if i never talk about it anyone. and i even watch them alone, when requisite company is not around.]

5. i eat whole packets of sour worms in a single sitting. and lick my fingers after.

[yes, calling me a sourpuss is not funny. no combining points 4 & 5 to deride my habits.]

6. i need only about 300+ reminders for everything. things just don’t stick up there. yes, i need reminders for reminders too. this is why i love remember the milk, and have it set up everywhere.

[ok, you can call me an absent-minded genius. go on, i don’t mind.]

now, since the rules say i have to, i hereby tag Galadriel, Alok, Alice, Suyog, Kriti, and Ashish. therefore commanding them to do the tag. this is in addition to spamming their blog to tell them about it. man, do i love to mess around with people. makes me feel like a mind-controller too. score. plus, of course, i really had to cast around for people to tag. its tough. most of the people i read have either stopped blogging, or don’t care/know about my existence. not that tagging these people proves anything at all about whom i know. ok, i need to stop ranting/rambling. or not. whatever.


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