to honor and pay tribute to terror… wait, what?


something is very wrong when i see multiple invites and multiple events in honor of the bombay terror attacks. in honor. i’m willing to ignore misspellings… but honor? tribute?


do not mourn the dead, do not honor an assault on india, and definitely do not say you care.

do something.

we get angry every time, we have accusations every time, we get “resilient” every time.

and 3 days later we have ministers taking filmmakers on tour of the area.. filmi dialogues being repeated.. and the news channels covering the slap on the face of the kerala chief minister when he pandered to a recently deceased leader. more on those idiots later.


11 thoughts on “to honor and pay tribute to terror… wait, what?

  1. Pardon the language, but we are all hijdas dude. All of us.
    I’ve stopped discussing the terror attacks.
    Something has to be done. I don’t know what, and hence I shall not speak about the subject. Just discussing it is not going to get us anywhere. Suggest you do not do it either.

  2. Galadriel

    things are being done, aren’t they? a bunch of crooks and criminals are resigning, making way for more crooks and criminals.

    and no, you and i can’t do much other than discuss. but if we stopped even discussing it, what does that make us? just because we don’t have solutions doesn’t mean we don’t have ideas or sympathy or compassion.

  3. Galadriel, people always get the government they deserve. One has to understand that the government is not an altruistic organization. As long as the people keep condoning the mistakes and treachery of the government, they will continue acting the same way. It does not matter how much you care about changing things, it does not matter how much you talk or write articles. It is the action that counts. Instead of looking to blame the politicians and government for everything, we must start changing things ourselves. We need to change ourselves first, before we expect the government to change. As long as you keep saying there is nothing we can do, we will keep having this same discussion five, ten, fifty years down the line.

  4. SEV

    UberT, discussing things is the only way anyone has ever decided anything. If I wait for someone to tell me what will be done, I should not claim any pride in being a citizen of a free country.

    Galadriel, we need to keep discussing, we need to keep the wound raw. But I do not think that all we can do is only discuss.

    Sailesh, I agree that action is the only thing that finally matters, and I actually have started thinking about what kind of action I can take. You’re right, the change has to begin somewhere. Sadly thats where it ends for most of us: saying the change must begin.

    To sum up, I want to know what I can do. I will try to post about what I find, but at the end of it, I can only hope I do not forget what I’m saying here. And give up on everything. Again.

  5. Galadriel

    Guys, I never said that discussing is all we should do. I only had issue with the idea that UberT thinks that if we can’t come up with a solution, we shouldn’t discuss anything either.

    We definitely need action, and we need to do something ourselves. I don’t think we cannot do anything, on the contrary I believe if there is something that can be done, it has to be done by us. No one is blaming the politicians or the government. But we aren’t sparing them either.

    But unless we talk about it, how can we expect ideas and solutions to germinate?

  6. UberT, discussing things is the only way anyone has ever decided anything. If I wait for someone to tell me what will be done, I should not claim any pride in being a citizen of a free country

    Of course. Let us discuss that as citizens of a free country, we are putting up with for example: –
    1. Slums in Govandi having Tata Sky satellite dishes and stolen free electricity, while New Bombay suffers 6 hours a day without electricity.
    2. People managing to sneak in revolvers into CST station today, and cops saying they did not hear the metal detectors.
    3. ‘If he was not a Major, then even a dog would not have come to his house’- Kerala CM.
    4. ‘Fill your pet peeve with India here’
    5. ‘Fill your pet peeve with India here’

    17823134123461741412424232424824568145120450125010501501025. Our politicians are still at it, trying to get mileage over the attacks.

    The point being? Can you make a difference in any of these issues? Can we do something apart from discussing? Wearing a white shirt with a black armband is not supporting any movement. Neither is joining the ‘Terrorism will not be tolerated anymore’ Facebook community. Let us light candles in the memory of those who died. Right, and the BMC will throw those candles intto the dust bin within the next week.
    Who are we fooling? The fact of the matter is, we are all way too preoccupied with our own lives, and we only write because thats the only thing we can easily do, given easy access to the Internet. Sitting in the comfort of our homes, offices and labs, its easy to start saying ‘We must discuss and come up with solutions’. Really?

    Fact of the matter. Our system is rotten beyond repair.

    Sailesh, you hit the nail on the head. We have got what we deserved. I’m ready to own up, I’ve never voted, so I have no right to complain about the state of affairs. I’m ready to change myself. Are we all?

    I only had issue with the idea that UberT thinks that if we can’t come up with a solution, we shouldn’t discuss anything either.

    Discuss only if we can make a difference. If not, all this intellectual masturbation and the splendid display of penmanship skills is all just a farce.
    This ‘discussion’ can go on and on, comment for comment, post for post.

    PS:- My city, my country just got annihilated, and all we can do is type blogs and comments like these? My point, exactly.

    All the above sentiments came right from my heart. No offence meant to anyone, really. Apologies if any taken.

  7. I’m in agreement..sumthing more than joining these “events” n saying “i care” n “I’m upset” n expressing anger SHOULD be done!

    But wat that sumthing is..i have no clue.. Does anyone know?

  8. Alok

    I have become to apathetic to feel anything said here… I am more inclined toward what UbetT said. I see no point in in discussing it at all. Attacks like these give news channels something to rant about, for next two four weeks. It gives politicians new points to beg for votes. It gives ordinary man a reason to light candles and shed some tears. At the end of day they all go to sleep in their respective homes.

  9. advait

    oh well!!! well the samething has been happening all over the past 25 years ……an attack on india …….and the entire nation condemn it….ministers expressing their condolences to the families of all who died in blasts terror strike and then give the family compensation….and take a shy at the present government…..and the biggest slap on india’s face is even after repeated warnings the disaster could not be avoided…..
    do people even know who m.c sharma is …???? he is the same person who died a soldiers death in previous attacks…his family was given a compensation …and guess what??? the forms for pensions are yet to be filled…….people mourn for two days……and then….”hey we’re bored”…
    well each time something happens the blame game begins…….people blaming each other ….states ….religion and what not……does anyone behave like an indian???
    well trust me the nsg commandos had up and biharis in their squad and they came to mumbai and rescued lives …..just because they
    fought like indians ……even though the place they were in hurls in curses , beat em up and what not…….go ahead all the politicians who ever wants to see india spread and broken up into self administered states and not under the hand of one common guvernment…..every single politician wants to take law into their own hand…..
    what was the need for the politicians to resign after the damage was done ……couldn’t they just leave before itself once they realised their incapacitance to handle such a big responsibility…..
    another interesting solution that was put up…was to stop paying taxes…if our money does not go into state welfare and security but in the pockets of politicians we might as well not pay the taxes to then……
    well thats it …..all i can say by the look of it we are heading to no mans land and dont think we are gonna get a proper solution out of it….


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