in the rays of the setting sun


the rays of the setting sun flash across the room, a flash of orange that begins from nowhere.. but seems to search for an end. the glow highlights small forgotten things that lie around the room: a set of cables that are remembered when a movie needs to be watched, a plastic cover ripped off while opening a new laptop, a forgotten set of slippers that lie discarded in a corner. the glint off metal in the corner catches your eye and suddenly the many things that are in disarray seem to jump out. i look at each of them, a clock, a camera case, a cup.. and suddenly an image of a time when i was sitting back on a couch, with a laptop in front, a cup of coffee alongside, a plastic cover ripped off from something i can’t remember… and sunlight streamed in from the windows on the right.

i remember looking up from my perusal of google reader then, and remaining enthralled by the play of light. shadows flashing past as people and vehicles went about whatever it is they did every day. some things were fixed and timed – the mail truck around 10 am, some kind of delivery truck a few hours later.. eventually, time ceased to exist as something i noted, but something measured by events during the day. 630pm, dhiru’s home. 930am, suyash is home. 430pm, i have to leave for “work”. the mind was free to wander.. i remember sitting hunched over my laptop at 3am, unable to tear  myself away from ‘watchmen‘, and even re-awakening at 330 am having gone to bed at 2 when i finished watching the ‘wonder years‘ . the room would be dark.. the only light existing from my laptop screen while i remained in the position i had been in since i sat down after dinner. which was also always had in front of the screen.

somehow i don’t retain memories of being frustrated, being worried, wondering whether i would manage to do anything at all in 6 months..  a flash on my screen as the screen-saver kicks in, distracting me from drifting off any more into the past.. to a time when rays of a setting sun signaled the fact that another day of drinking tea in the canteen, another day of sitting back and laughing about everything was done. funnily enough the setting sun holds no memories prior to college; mere flashes of walking down the road trying to find a rick to get home after school.. waiting for fireworks at the epcot center lake having spent the day in 7 different recreated cities, signaling end of days play in playing at the mini-amusement setup on the 3rd floor of al ghurair.

all at once a cloud passes over the sun, and the rays are blocked.. my hand moves over the trackpad.. and black fades back in over memories. golden like the setting sun.


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