26 is more…


…than just 2×13. And when I say that I don’t mean its actually ’20+6′ or ’30-4′.. but that 13 still seems to be only yesterday. And 26 is here, right now today. Already.

…than what I expected. Some developments have happened in my life which appear to be almost unreal in their effect. Yes, when I refer to ‘developments’ I am referring to that special someone that you talk of in veiled terms.. as I am now. Funnily enough, I can’t get enough of the fact that I can actually call someone a ‘missus’ soon.

…work. More than last year. I thought I had it bad last year with 2 conference papers due in a month.. but apparently having even one causes you to stay in the lab until 9pm on your birthday. And therefore this year has seen a suitably delayed birthday celebration on this blog.

…realizations about the self than I thought was possible. You think you know who you really are inside, and simply think that the exterior is just some smaller version of it. You can’t always be who you really are.. until one day you realize its no longer about what you think you are.. but more what you are now. And that one thing that can scare you more than anything else.

…rules and regimens that you started forcing on yourself to start being more “normal”. I still find it weird that I want to start following a schedule.. me, who hated the idea since the first time I came upon it. Growing up sucks in that you realize that grown-ups have it mostly right all the time.

…the single thought that its going to become ’30-4′ and less ’21+5′ now.

Anyway, back to reading ‘All-Star Superman’ now.


6 thoughts on “26 is more…

  1. Galadriel

    Happy birthday!!

    Isn’t it recursive though? You can only be what you think you are and what you think you are is dependent on what you are now. So if one changes the other changes, maybe with a slight lag, but it definitely does get affected. It doesn’t have to be scary, change is the most natural thing in our life, right?

    Following a schedule doesn’t make you “normal”, but whatever you decide, make sure you stick to it and you put in equal amounts of effort everyday. Sporadically having a “schedule” isn’t really called a schedule. The 8-5 thing doesn’t work for you? No problem. Even if you decide to work from 12-9 make sure it is 12-9 everyday. That way you manage to be productive for 9 hours daily, which is a lot of work and will make sure you don’t burn the midnight oil on your birthday 🙂

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