deja vu


No matter what I get done, somehow the mystical art of paper writing continues to elude. Completely.

And I never manage to get done with my paper more than a day before the conference. Even that has almost never happened.

p.s. It is now the day before the conference and I’m still not done with my paper.

p.p.s. Just FYI, this conference is in Orlando. Yep, bang in the middle of Disney. I’ll get up, go out, look at Disneyworld, and then go back in to watch people talk about medical imaging. Man, this is so the reason I’m doing a PhD.


4 thoughts on “deja vu

  1. Galadriel

    oh c’mon! you got done with this paper a lot earlier than the last 2 conferences.. that’s gotta be something eh?

  2. lol…talk about the perks of the job….n also while ur at it…get ur ass 2 universal too….universal,FL is so much better than universal,CA man……

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