frustration, irritation and everything in between


Quoted from this article:

James Otis, the owner of the Mahatma’s items, told PTI he plans to donate most of the money collected from the auction to “worthy causes” and institutions and groups working to promote Mahatma’s ideals especially non violence.

Otis said he will “donate the items to the Indian government free if it decides to spend five per cent of GDP on the poor, who were very near to the heart of Gandhi, or announces some other scheme which would benefit them”.

See, we in India, we have  no idea what to do with all the poor people we have. We don’t really need infrastructure, what we do need is handouts for all those people who have no money. If not for the awesome Mr. Otis, collector extraordinaire, we would not have known that we were supposed to help these guys. We would be busy getting rid of them.. somehow. Forget roads, schools, hospitals, and other such useless projects. Gandhi would have been ecstatic to know we were just giving them the money. Would’ve gladdened his heart to see his stuff has been hoarded by some American who got to show them off to his friends, and then decided to “give” them back to the country they should have been with in the first place.

What are these items of extreme value?

He is the owner of the five articles glasses, sandals, pocket-watch, plate and bowl which Antiquorum Inc will put under the hammer shortly. For all the efforts to track down the origin of belongings – from descendants of Junagadh Nawab, Abha Gandhi and a British army officer – it now appears that they had sold these articles to Otis several years ago. [Link]

Ah. How, I wonder? Therein lies murk. Allegations of a conspiracy by the Indian/US governments to stop the auction by any means necessary, as well as talk of asking NRIs to buy them for the country. In case you want to, please use the email address he has set up.

If he’s really that selfless, why not just give them back directly?


Supposedly, this attack was an Indian conspiracy. Stand-out statements include :

“We are not blaming anybody or holding anybody responsible like India did,” Taseer said.

and then,

“It’s all too obvious that it is the handiwork of the Indian intelligence,” retired general Hamid Gul said.

and to conclude,

A Pakistani minister also pointed directly at India. “The evidence we have shows these terrorists entered from across the border from India,” Sardar Nabil Ahmed Gabol, Minister of State for Shipping, told Geo TV. “This incident took place in reaction to 26/11,” he alleged. “It is a declaration of open war on Pakistan by India,” the minister, from the Pakistan Peoples Party, claimed.

They won’t blame anyone, and they are more than willing to conclude that it is India by default. I propose a theory that it was a training run for LeT/IM terrorists.

According to newsreports – these guys missed the bus more than once with rockets as well as grenades. Finally they went with the tried and tested formula of bullets. Finally, there is also the fact that they escaped. After a firefight with security personnel, the attackers retaliated while retreating into a shopping area. The police arrived, and mysteriously, everyone had disappeared.

Journalists were shown weapons found at the scene and at other locations, including 10 AK-47 rifles, two rocket grenade launchers, 32 hand-grenades and plastic explosives. [Link]

Whoa. That’s a lot of weaponry. But with novices you’d want backups for backups I guess.

Countries continually withdraw from Pakistan citing safety issues. How long is it going to be before it is labeled a terror state and treated as such? 20 years ago SA was boycotted for apartheid. I’m sincerely hoping similar treatment is meted out to a country that is ensuring something far far worse survives in this century.


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