no posts would be better than this post


I wish I could post about something interesting. Sadly, since I’m all out of ideas.. I’m just going to rant and make snide remarks about news items.. which are not necessarily news anymore.

By some quirk of fate, most news items I have read in the last few days have all been randomly crappy. There was talk about how a company that received $165 mil in aid decided to give out $170 mil in bonuses (I may have those numbers reversed) – for all those awesome executives that managed to ensure that it was heading to crash-ville at 100mph and severed brake lines.

Then there was the dude who decided to sell India back something that was stolen from her, dilly-dallied.. and finally decided (after getting cash down for them) that he wants them back.

The BJP master plan to get all the votes again is an instant classic. Promises include lotsa free things for the poor (which I guess they have to sell so that they are poor no more) and winning the IT competition with China. I am regretting my decision to better myself and get rich now. Methinks it would be a good idea to go back, post-PhD, earn nothing, and freeload off the government. Of course, I have to have  a daughter.. given this awesome scheme (also BJP). The Congress has been basking in the limelight of their amazing achievements over the last 5 years including how  they facilitated making a movie about slumdogs. It is a contender for the anthem too. See now, this is not good. The BJP is taking this ‘slumdog’ moniker away from us! Do not vote for them!

Random cases continue to be filed in India – the latest is how ‘Slumdog’ managed to get an answer wrong. Seriously? When I say it was ‘well-made’, I’m granting it HUGE leeway in the story department. This is, of course, on the heels of the barber hair-stylist controversy. I just wish I could be around when the case is finally dealt with.

The iPhone 3.0 will finally have copy-paste. Apple has managed to make a smartphone that is slightly more on par with current state-of-the-art. Joy! I can see the fanboys salivating about how Apple has managed to re-invent the idea already. Funny how they are playing catch-up to the Pre. Meanwhile, Macbooks are pretty much the best machines in the market (in terms of price and components). Someone please give me a viable alternative. Please. I don’t want to settle for second-best.

Hot on the heels of the genius of Dev D, Anurag Kashyap has managed to release ‘Gulaal‘. While not as overwhelming, it is nevertheless a fine effort by a fine filmmaker. Kashyap has the potential to really make a difference in this industry, I’m hoping he is finally allowed to. I hear rumors that ‘Paanch’ may be released too. Way back then, the censor board decided that the Indian audience cannot handle it. Its good to know that they think we’ve grown up. Don’t get me started on censorship in India. I do not expect a ‘Dev D’, but it would be interesting to see what Kashyap started as.

I can’t think of any other irritating news that all of you have already read, so I’m just going to go back to doing something else. Maybe inspiration will strike soon. This ‘newsreader’ bit is pretty silly.


4 thoughts on “no posts would be better than this post

  1. Rahul

    Good post Satish! The antics of the BJP and congress leave me flabbergasted.. I guess, on balance, it would be more entertaining to have the BJP fool around for the next term.. but wait, there’s the rest of the manifesto to consider!!!

  2. kanchan

    Twiddling your thumbs, are you? Go write something sensational. Notch up the count on your ‘My Fiction’ tab. Write a guest post on Galadriel’s blog. Go comment on other people’s posts. Go… (See, I am so full of suggestions. I just gave myself a pat on my back 😛 )

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